The contributors to Maternity-Health women’s health center continue to have a great interest and involvement for basic and clinical research. They have participated in a large number of international conferences and have published in peer reviewed medical journals. Our philosophy is, in addition to providing high quality clinical services, to also to record and evaluate our results through statistical analysis.  This is important for quality control and for providing high quality services.

Below you can find important links:
 This site is the National Medical Library of the United States at the National Institute of Health. Papers published here are from international scientific and medical journals after peer review. It provides the most valid database for significant scientific issues. Search for Tsionou C.
This is the official site of the USA Organization for cancer.
This is the site of the USA Institute for cancer
An interesting link with internationally accepted guidelines for breast cancer treatment.
A link with information and support for women with post-surgical lymphedema.
A link with information and publications related with women’s health.


The following sites are from women’s organizations that provide information and support for women with breast cancer.